Medical Devices

We are a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Medical Devices of the CZ. We have launched on the market a product called CV LAB = Cardiovascular Laboratory.
The device serves to carry out a non-invasive diagnosis of condition and assessment of selected risk factors of the cardiovascular system, specifically the following examinations:

a) Diagnostics of arteries focusing on the detection of atherosclerosis and limb ischemia
b) Diagnostics of veins focusing on the detection of deep vein thrombosis
c) General examination of the cardiovascular system function using the plethysmosgraphic methods in order to determine quality of blood flow in peripheral arteries as an important indicator of the quality of cardiovascular system function.

In addition to the above functions, a method of detection specified lower is currently prepared, focusing on a more detailed specification of the general determination of risk factors of the cardiovascular system:
– Variability of heart rhythm
– Electronic stethoscope used to carry out auxiliary measurements while determining the speed and method of pulse wave propagation
This devise is designed to provide mainly screening, timely and preventive diagnostics, or monitoring of patients with the risk of cardiovascular, or possibly cardiometabolic diseases (combination with Type 2 diabetes).

Cardiovascular Laboratory Cardiovascular Laboratory